The Cymru Institute for Contemporary Christianity (CICC) was developed and launched by Evangelical Alliance Wales, as part of their twentieth anniversary celebrations.

Its purpose it to enable Welsh Christians to engage with greater confidence in a whole range of issues such as politics, science, the arts and work.

The institute aims to equip Christians to grapple effectively with the issues of faith in the 21st century. Through a programme of seminars, delivered by leading Christian thinkers in Wales and across the UK, CICC will provide the best teaching and insights to help God’s people biblically respond to the issues making the news.


It also has the support of the Bible Society, UCCFCARE, the South Wales Baptist College,  the Aberystwyth Academy for Christian Discipleship and local churches across Wales.


CICC has its origins in the Cardiff Institute for Contemporary Christianity which ran from March 2002 to December 2006. However, the inspiration for CICC came from the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity, established by the Rev Dr John Stott.


To find out more about CICC and all the events they put on across Wales click here.

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