Bo Bakes - just one example of the great work of Purple Shoots

Bo Bakes - just one example of the great work of Purple Shoots

Many of you will know of the great work done by an organisation called Purples Shoots working out of South Wales. We thought you might like to hear just one of thier good news stories:

The story of BO GRANT

We often think that we don’t shout out enough about our amazing clients who achieve incredible success in the face of often quite terrible circumstances and don’t give up even when they come up against multiple setbacks and rejections. A great example of this is Carolyn Grant – known to all her friends as Bo, now the owner and proprietor of a successful Welsh business based in Swansea called Bo Bakes.

Bo is a lazer clinician and for a number of years owned a salon and cosmetic clinic. The clinic did well but the beauty salon always struggled, although she kept going. In 2012, her son was seriously ill and had to have open heart surgery – she realized in the long hours waiting in hospital that she couldn’t continue with both businesses and be there for her family. She closed the salon and continued with the clinic as her son recovered but then she struggled financially.  She had hit a low point both financially and emotionally, exhausted from everything, and gave up the business.

As she recovered herself, she returned to an old interest in the drinks market, particularly smoothies and milk shakes, and decided to start a new business initially from a trailer going round the festivals in the summer season. She sold equipment from her old business to get the trailer and stock but she needed help with the fees for the first few festivals. Because of her by now poor credit score, no funder would help her – but Purple Shoots was able to offer her a small loan so she could get the business off the ground. She was so successful that the loan, which was repayable over 2 years, was fully repaid in 6 months.

Whilst at the festivals, Bo baked her speciality shortbread to her own recipe and sold that alongside the drinks – it was so well received that this sowed the idea for the expansion of her business into a Welsh baking company. She started to sell to cafes and artisan shops in her local area around Swansea and as demand grew, she had another small loan from Purple Shoots to enable her to set the business up fully with good branding and packaging. She now has a premises and staff. Bo Bakes is producing Bo’s Welsh shortbread and selling it right across the UK – a flagship for Welsh produce as well as a successful business in its own right.  She supplies hundreds of cafes across Wales and England, as well as hotels, restaurants, artisan and tourist shops and her aim is to get it into Harrods and Fortnam and Masons in London, and to export her products around the world. She also makes bespoke items for weddings, baby showers and other events and although shortbread is the main things, the product range is expanding into various other delicious cakes and biscuits.


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