Street Pastors are looking for new volunteers

Street Pastors are out in Cardiff City Centre every Friday and Saturday night between 10pm-4am to care for listen to and help vulnerable people that are out on the Streets and to show the love of Jesus in practical ways.  Our next street pastor training course starts on 25 April.    

The Night Base team stay behind at our base and the Street Pastors call them periodically to ask them to pray for specific situations they encounter. They also support the Street Pastors when they are back at base for a break. They volunteer once a month, and are a vital part of the Street Pastor team.

For further details please contact, Jackie Bradshaw, Street Pastor Coordinator on 02920 512247 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


13,248 emergency food parcels given to local people in the last year, Cardiff Foodbank reveals 

Cardiff Foodbank provided 13,248 three-day emergency food parcels to local people between April 2018 and March 2019. Of this number, 5041 (38%) went to households with children aged predominately 0-11 years. 48% went to single people.

The local food bank’s figures feed into a larger national picture with a record increase in food bank use across the UK reported today by the Trussell Trust. 

Cardiff Foodbank is backing calls from the Trussell Trust to ensure the benefits system is able to protect people from poverty; as well as ensure those in work have sufficient means to feed themselves and their families. 

The figures from Cardiff Foodbank are a 15% increase on the same period last year. From reasons given by those who visit their Distribution Centres, the charity believes the local increase is due to low income and insecure work, and people struggling with continued issues with benefit payments; primarily issues with Universal Credit such as the complexity of the assessment, and the systems that claimants have to navigate, before and during the five week wait. 

Cardiff Foodbank shares the concerns of other food banks in the Trussell Trust’s network about the roll out and application of Universal Credit – the issues faced by local people moving onto the new system are reported as being significant. The food bank regularly gives emergency food and support to people who are waiting at least five-weeks for a first Universal Credit payment. 

Helen Bull, Development Manager of Cardiff Foodbank said: 

“No one in the Cardiff area should need a food bank’s help and we want to see an end to local people needing emergency food at all. It doesn’t have to be this way - our benefits system is supposed to protect us all from being swept into poverty. Universal Credit should be part of the solution but currently the five week wait is leaving many without enough money to cover the basics. This isn’t right.

In-work poverty also leaves many unable to feed themselves or their families, bringing them to us for emergency support”

“Until we reach a future where food banks are no longer needed, we’ll continue to provide vital support when it matters most. We’re dedicated to ensuring that people in our community without enough money for food are able to access emergency support. Our vital work in the community has only been possible in the last year because of the incredible generosity shown by local people in donating over 150 tonnes of food, time and funds. Thank you.”

The running costs for the food bank are raised locally to enable them to continue their work. Costs include warehouse space, to sort and stock donated food, vans to pick up donated food and deliver to distribution centres, and other overheads like utilities and insurances. The charity is very grateful to all who donated financially over the past year. This essential funding has made it possible to continue to meet the needs through emergency food supply to the vulnerable across the city. 

The food bank welcomes any new offers of help with funding – local businesses, organisations and individuals interested in supporting the food bank’s work can find out more at:


Helen Bull - Cardiff Foodbank Development Manager can be reached on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Tel: 029 2048 4120




A Christian Coffee shop for the centre of Cardiff

There are lots of great projects that happen around Cardiff but we came across this one and thought some of you might like to get behind it. 


Weʼre raising £10,000 to Christian café and charity shop.


Four years ago God gave me a vision of opening a Christian Café/ charity shop. Now, God made this happened by giving us a free shop unit in Cardiff City shopping centre. Our goal is to create a place for Christians to have a Godly environment where they can share, talk, preach and spread the love of God. A place where Christians can grow, connect, bless, encourage, praise, worship God, help each other and develop or enhance their God given gifts. Also a place for a non-Christian to know, interact, mingle, talk, share life experiences, or just to have someone to talk to. A non-denominational Christian coffee shop that focus on a Christian relationship with God and His people. To make an impact and meaningful contribution to the community. Be sustainable and to create more opportunities to help on charities, missions and help the growing homeless population in Cardiff.

The just giving page for this project is found here


Living Out of The Christ within you by Gwynedd Jones

One of the least taught subjects from the Bible is what it means to be a new creation in Christ, yet for the Christian it is one of the most important. 'Living Out of The Christ Within You' is a 30-day devotional that helps bring clarity regarding the spiritual identity of the individual who has put their faith in Jesus Christ. It is as the follower of Jesus begins to understand their new identity, that they become better equipped to re-present Him to the world around them.

About the Author

Gwynedd Jones serves on the leadership team at the Vine Christian Centre in Bridgend, Wales. His heart is to see people come into an understanding of the victory Jesus has won through the cross and resurrection, with the hope that individuals will move into the fullness of God's blessing through faith in Christ. Married to Jill for nearly 35 years, they have two grown up children who are both married, as well as a beautiful young granddaughter.

The book avaible at a number of sources including amazon



Navigating Your New Normal, Thriving in the Aftermath of Trauma

When the trauma of serious illness, injury or bereavement hits, people's lives are shattered and devastated, according to Author, Coach and Speaker Bamidele Adenipekun.

Her new book is written to help people affected by trauma to transition from mere survival to thriving in the aftermath. It was released worldwide on Amazon and selected bookstores on September 26, 2017.

In the UK alone, stroke is one of the leading causes of disability with 1.2 million survivors, more than half being looked after by family members. There were also 352,000 new cancer cases in 2013[2], says Adenipekun, who is a breast cancer survivor.  "This book is not just for those directly affected but also their loved ones, whose lives are also changed forever as adjustments have to be made with respect to roles and responsibilities."

Navigating Your New Normal takes readers through the impact of breast cancer and loss on all family members as well as provide a practical 7-step framework for them to journey from drudgery to fulfilment in a future that is different to that expected.

No matter how dire current circumstances are, those affected are shown how to strike a balance between dealing with the facts and embracing hope required to create a satisfying life going forward. The importance of being informed but not overwhelmed by grim statistics is stressed by Adenipekun in "Navigating Your New Normal".

"A lifetime of thriving and achievement is indeed possible after a diagnosis of serious illness. It begins with a determination not to settle for arduous living devoid of joy," says Adenipekun.  "I am living proof."

"Navigating Your New Normal" Is available in paperback, Kindle ( and Nook (Barnes and Noble).

About the Author:

Bamidele Adenipekun believes that dreams are like birds that require wings to fly. Often adverse circumstances of life damage the wings of people's dreams. Bamidele's purpose and passion is tending the broken wings of people's dreams so that they can be inspired to soar above their troubles. An author, coach and speaker, she is the founder of Inspired To Soar Ltd which serves people seeking fulfilment in their lives after the devastation caused by the trauma of serious illness, injury or bereavement. She holds a Master's degree in International Development and Human Rights as well as a Certificate in Life Coaching Studies.

She has also built relationships with local charities having previously volunteered for Christian Aid a UK-based development charity. She is currently a volunteer for Breast Cancer Care which is a UK-based charity supporting everyone affected by breast cancer as well as raising awareness in the community.  No stranger to adversity herself, she is a breast cancer and childhood abuse survivor. She is a single mother of a fabulous daughter. Connect at



Bo Bakes - just one example of the great work of Purple Shoots

Many of you will know of the great work done by an organisation called Purples Shoots working out of South Wales. We thought you might like to hear just one of thier good news stories:

The story of BO GRANT

We often think that we don’t shout out enough about our amazing clients who achieve incredible success in the face of often quite terrible circumstances and don’t give up even when they come up against multiple setbacks and rejections. A great example of this is Carolyn Grant – known to all her friends as Bo, now the owner and proprietor of a successful Welsh business based in Swansea called Bo Bakes.

Bo is a lazer clinician and for a number of years owned a salon and cosmetic clinic. The clinic did well but the beauty salon always struggled, although she kept going. In 2012, her son was seriously ill and had to have open heart surgery – she realized in the long hours waiting in hospital that she couldn’t continue with both businesses and be there for her family. She closed the salon and continued with the clinic as her son recovered but then she struggled financially.  She had hit a low point both financially and emotionally, exhausted from everything, and gave up the business.

As she recovered herself, she returned to an old interest in the drinks market, particularly smoothies and milk shakes, and decided to start a new business initially from a trailer going round the festivals in the summer season. She sold equipment from her old business to get the trailer and stock but she needed help with the fees for the first few festivals. Because of her by now poor credit score, no funder would help her – but Purple Shoots was able to offer her a small loan so she could get the business off the ground. She was so successful that the loan, which was repayable over 2 years, was fully repaid in 6 months.

Whilst at the festivals, Bo baked her speciality shortbread to her own recipe and sold that alongside the drinks – it was so well received that this sowed the idea for the expansion of her business into a Welsh baking company. She started to sell to cafes and artisan shops in her local area around Swansea and as demand grew, she had another small loan from Purple Shoots to enable her to set the business up fully with good branding and packaging. She now has a premises and staff. Bo Bakes is producing Bo’s Welsh shortbread and selling it right across the UK – a flagship for Welsh produce as well as a successful business in its own right.  She supplies hundreds of cafes across Wales and England, as well as hotels, restaurants, artisan and tourist shops and her aim is to get it into Harrods and Fortnam and Masons in London, and to export her products around the world. She also makes bespoke items for weddings, baby showers and other events and although shortbread is the main things, the product range is expanding into various other delicious cakes and biscuits.



Praying ‘Thy Kingdom Come’? Here’s a next step.

Across the UK, churches are joining in the Archbishop’s Thy Kingdom Come Pentecost season of prayer – from 10th to 20th May. The focus is on more people coming to know Jesus.

The simple next step in making those prayers real – is a guest service on Sunday 17th June, as part of The National Weekend of Invitation.

And leading into it with an Invitation Cross Sunday on May 13th –a simple way to help people face their fear of inviting and to nail down who they will invite.

Out there are up to 3 million people open to receiving an invitation. Many are already in touch with someone who could make that invitation. So don’t miss your churches greatest opportunity.

And there’s still time for your church to tap into the great resources of Thy Kingdom Come.

Find out more



Making Jesus Known

Have you ever witnessed something so incredible that just you have to find out more? Something so unbelievable that you can’t risk missing out?

For me, this is a daily reality.

As part of my job, I get to film stories of how people have come to know Jesus all around the UK. Every story is a fresh miracle of salvation; a reminder that no-one is beyond the reach of the gospel. As lives are transformed to display the beautiful, irresistible nature of Jesus, the impact is contagious – you don’t want to miss the opportunity to encounter Jesus for yourself, whether it’s for the first time or the 1,000th time.

Because of the boldness of someone around them, each of these people got a glimpse of Jesus, and couldn’t turn down the opportunity to meet Him. Not only that, but they have now been adopted into the worldwide family of God, becoming my brother or sister in Christ – a bond that crosses any differences in gender, age, language, upbringing or ethnicity.

Despite regularly interacting with this family of believers, reflecting on the irresistibility of Jesus, so often I picture my evangelism totally differently. I feel that people won’t be interested when I share Jesus, and it’s entirely up to me and my abilities as to whether they chose to follow Him or not.

Fundamentally, I forget that life with Jesus is not only so attractive that it’s worth sharing, but that when we share it, we do so as an international family. Evangelism was never meant to be a solo sales pitch.

That’s why we want to invite you to join a movement of Jesus-followers; an inclusive community on a great commission to spread the good news of our contagious, life-changing Saviour.

We may be dispersed around the world, but while you name-drop Jesus in conversation with friends, Usha is running alongside women to model what it means to be a Jesus-follower. Just like you offer to read the Bible with a friend, so Balbinder’s friend sent her a Bible and she finally discovered peace. When you pray for a friend going through hard times, Damien is using his own story of a difficult childhood to introduce others to Jesus.

I want us to dare to imagine what it could look like if we teamed up, pooled resources and stepped out, united, to make Jesus known.

And that’s exactly what we’re trying to do at Great Commission. We’ve gathered together a wealth of resources to equip the UK church to confidently share Jesus together. Whether you’re sharing him with a youth group, an elderly member of your community, or a friend with disabilities, we want you to be equipped and resourced to do that confidently.

As you watch stories like Sarah’sRoy’s and Othniel’s, we hope that you’re inspired to share your own story with a colleague. As you read articles about worshipaccessible church, and relationships, we hope you think about how you could pursue the same life-transforming power of Jesus in your community. And as we realise that we can’t do any of this without God’s spirit in us, we hope you’ll use our prayer resources as a great reminder that prayer and mission go hand-in-hand.

Ultimately, we want everyone in the church to feel empowered to, together, show the irresistible grace, freedom and salvation of Jesus, so the world can find out more and not miss out.

Visit and work out how you can get equipped to share Jesus.


Written by Eve Balshaw//


Cardiff Foodbank - your generosity is making a difference!

The Trustees and Foodbank team as so very grateful for your partnering with them to pray for the work of Cardiff Foodbank. 
They are particularly thankful for the following recent developments :

  • Sara Redwood, who joined us at the beginning of March, as our new part-time administrator.
  • Many generous donations at our recent quiz night held in March where we raised £400 as well as adding several regular donors committed to give financially each month.
  • For all the regular and corporate volunteers who have been helping us weigh all the food in the warehouse for our annual stock-take – not for the feint-hearted! Due to very generous food donations in recent months the task is not a simple or easy one.
  • Opportunities to partner with agencies across the city, seeking to meet the needs of the vulnerable.
They would ask you to pray for:
  • For our clients who come to our distribution centres each week. Many have multiple issues and heart-breaking stories. Pray that when the food is given they will sense the hope and love of Jesus as they chat to our volunteers.
  • For wisdom in making the right decisions when dealing with the increase in need brought about by welfare system changes, personal life crises or simply trying to make ends meet when wages are low.
  • For opportunities to continue to raise funds to keep the work going long term. Praying the Lord will direct our paths.

If you would like to help Foodbank in Cardiff then why not Helen Bull, Development Manager (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) if you would like her to come and chat to your church about how you can support the work of the Foodbank.
With thanks form  
The Foodbank Team


Manumit coffee that changes lives!

Did you know every 30 seconds someone becomes a slave.


Manumit Coffee Roasters is a not-for-profit coffee company that trains and employs survivors of modern slavery to roast specialty coffee at our roastery here in Cardiff. (


100% of our coffee is roasted by men and women who have endured unimaginable horror at the hands of their traffickers but are now seeking to rebuild their lives.


We are delighted to be able to provide special rates for churches who have chosen to stand with us and purchase our coffee for their church gatherings and we have have are thrilled by how many have already chosen to switch to Manumit. 


If you would like any further information or want to discuss purchasing Manumit for your church we would LOVE to hear from you: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Dai Hankey
Head Roaster, Manumit


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