A Christian Coffee shop for the centre of Cardiff

A Christian Coffee shop for the centre of Cardiff

There are lots of great projects that happen around Cardiff but we came across this one and thought some of you might like to get behind it. 


Weʼre raising £10,000 to Christian café and charity shop.


Four years ago God gave me a vision of opening a Christian Café/ charity shop. Now, God made this happened by giving us a free shop unit in Cardiff City shopping centre. Our goal is to create a place for Christians to have a Godly environment where they can share, talk, preach and spread the love of God. A place where Christians can grow, connect, bless, encourage, praise, worship God, help each other and develop or enhance their God given gifts. Also a place for a non-Christian to know, interact, mingle, talk, share life experiences, or just to have someone to talk to. A non-denominational Christian coffee shop that focus on a Christian relationship with God and His people. To make an impact and meaningful contribution to the community. Be sustainable and to create more opportunities to help on charities, missions and help the growing homeless population in Cardiff.

The just giving page for this project is found here

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