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Mission to Wales continues to take to the streets in 2018


Throughout all of 2018 Churches connected with New Wine Cymru will be engaging in mission all across Wales.

During 2017

In 2017 the Mission to Wales initiative saw 4003 people pray a prayer to start a journey of faith with Jesus on the streets of Wales. In 17 locations over 120 churches joined together in simultaneous mission across the nation of Wales. Many thousands of people were talked to, heard the gospel, were prayed for, and in addition, there on the streets, 4003 prayed a salvation prayer. This is a great start!

In May 2017, a pilot mission was done in one location, before the main mission went across the nation; Over 6 days (6 hours) 374 people responded to the message of Jesus which was a great encouragement.

In July 2017, the main 9 day mission was done in the 17 locations across the nation; Over 9 hours 3351 people responded to the message of Jesus which is such great news!

Then in September & December, throughout the months, various hubs and churches engaged in Mission in a rhythm that suited them.

Again many people responded to the Gospel on the streets

To date we have recorded then that 4003 people have responded to the Gospel on the streets of Wales. This is astonishing

March 2018

In March NWC are launching the first of 3 Mission months for Wales, as well as the combined Mission days in June 2018

They are encouraging churches to get involved and use it to invite as many people to great opportunities during the month. Mothers day on the 11th and Easter at the very end of the month.

This works in tandem with other Follow up and dsicplsehip methods, like a one – one coffee and Alpha.

In this way, they are hoping to improve the connection between the street encounter and the transition to discipleship.

They are very excited about continuing the Mission to Wales through 2018 and they are excited to see all that God will do again in our nation

If your church would like to get involved in Mission to Wales 2018 please visit www.newwinecymru.co.uk for more information.


Wales online give us an insight into Church in Wales - 'I am here because it is real'

This taken from the WalesOnline website

By Richard Youle Senior News Reporter for WalesOnline

When Tim Blanche went to the funeral of a 12-year-old relative, he felt sure he would see him again.

Tim had been to a few funerals over the past year or so, but those involving Christians, like this one, somehow felt different.

“Even when he was falling apart, you could see he was not worried,” said Tim.

“He was upset to leave people behind, and we were upset. But we knew we were going to see him again. He was trusting, and we were trusting.”

Tim is remarkably candid, given that we had only met around 15 minutes previously.

He and his friends, Anna Batsone and husband and wife, Nathan and Lauren Swain, are talking about their faith after a service at Heath Evangelical Church in Cardiff. It's a busy service that doesn't necessarily fit with figures that show declining rates of Christianity in Wales and across the UK. 

Responding to a poll by YouGov in December 2016, 28% said they believe in "either God or a higher spiritual power". But 38% said they believed in neither and 20% said they only believed in "some kind of spiritual power". 

The number of signed-up Church in Wales members has dropped from 91,247 in 1996 to 45,759 two decades later. Surveys have suggested for years that Christianity is on the decline in Wales, and religion is a subject that politicians often avoid.

Churches themselves have become stranded assets in many cases, with leaders grappling with new ways of reaching out to the masses to counter dwindling congregations.

A study last year showed that inner London is the most religious area of the UK, mainly because of its large Muslim and migrant communities. Wales was among the UK's least religious areas, alongside the south-east of England and Scotland. 

The study was an analysis of data from the annual British Social Attitudes survey and the biennial European Social Survey carried out by Stephen Bullivant, professor of theology and the sociology of religion at St Mary’s University, Twickenham. 

“The rise of the non-religious is arguably the story of British religious history over the past half-century or so,” he said in the introduction to his report, The ‘No Religion’ Population of Britain.

But, speaking to Christians and church leaders across Wales (I went to Cardiff, Abergavenny, Swansea and Gower) there is a committed hardcore of faithful bucking the trend.

At Heath Evangelical Church, I ask Tim, Anna, Nathan and Lauren if they had ever felt something — an awakening, if you like — signifying their relationship with God.

“I think we might be a little distrustful of feelings like that as a guide,” said Tim, a 32-year-old business analyst. But he does recall a distinct moment when things became a bit different.

“I was 12 and on a children’s summer camp,” he said. “I had gone and sat in an area of a field by myself. There was a point sitting there when I was not a Christian, and a point after that I was. There was a just a certainty and a knowledge.”

Tim has had occasional doubts about his faith: “In my late teens and early 20s I knew I was saved in some way, but I felt a little further away from God than I do now. Luckily, God brought me back.”

He said Christianity was based on a real relationship. How did God give back in that relationship, I wondered. Tim said it was hard to explain, but it was genuine.

“I have had guidance which I think God has given me,” replied Tim, who studied philosophy at university. “There is also a confidence and a trust. Whatever happens in my life — good, bad, horrific — God is protecting me. My relationship with God is part of who I am.”

Anna speaks passionately about how she came back into the Christian fold after years of partying at university. Returning to her home city and taking up a teaching job aged 24, Anna was at a crossroads.

To read the complete acticle click here

Cardiff baptisms for religious asylum seekers fleeing Iran - a report by the BBC

This taken from the BBC website

An asylum seeker who fled Iran over fears he would be killed for converting to Christianity is one of 300 to be baptised at a Cardiff church in the past two years.

Conversion from Islam to Christianity is punishable by death in Iran and converters said their decisions mean they can never go home.

Its constitution recognises the faith of Jews, Christians and Zoroastrians. 

But people from a Muslim background are not free to worship in a church.

Daniel, not his real name, fled to the UK after authorities in Iran discovered he was worshipping Jesus in an underground Christian movement known as "house churches".

Now living in Cardiff, he officially converted from Islam when he was baptised two years ago.

Daniel, 31, said he was in no doubt he would be killed if he returned to Iran.

"If I went back, the authorities would arrest me. They would put me in jail and I would be killed, I would be hanged," he said. 

"They will kill me, me and my family. I am not afraid because I will be meeting Jesus but I am afraid about my family."

Daniel claims an Iranian Christian convert friend was murdered and his remains were scattered outside the doors of four churches in his home city as a warning to others thinking of renouncing Islam.

In the past two years, 324 asylum-seekers have been baptised by Tredegarville Baptist Church in Cardiff, where 95% of the congregation are immigrants. 

The majority baptised there are Iranian but some are Kurds and Afghans.

Pastor Phylip Rees, who has baptised many asylum seekers in Cardiff and helps with their bids to remain in the UK, said he was in no doubt the vast majority who attend the church were genuine in their faith.

He said he seen evidence Iranian converts at the church had suffered torture in their homeland, including one man who claims he was branded by the authorities.

Pastor Rees also rejected suggestions some parishioners could be using baptism as a way to secure permanent residence.

He said he had refused to support applications previously when he had doubts.

Home Office guidelines for examining asylum claims state the credibility of a faith conversion "needs to be established to a reasonable degree of likelihood".

It said that was likely to include being baptised, preparing for baptism, attending worship and being known to the church's leadership and fellow believers.

The Home Office said: "Those who demonstrate a well-founded fear of persecution in their country on account of their religion or belief are not expected to return there."

There are no official figures for genuine religious asylum seekers and some in the congregation said they had been waiting more than six years for a decision to be made about their claim.

But Iranian Christian groups are growing in number and can now be found in churches in cities including Glasgow, Liverpool and Birmingham. 

Without them, Pastor Rees said the future of some churches would have been uncertain.

"Tredegarville would have closed but for this opportunity to join the Lord in his work of reaching these people," Pastor Rees said.

"I'm sure that the other churches would say that the people who are coming to them from other lands as refugees and asylum seekers are a blessing to them as they are to us."

Written by Colette Hume
BBC Wales News

Questions for You a resource from Waleswide

Question for you

Waleswide has made available a resource for people with questions about God.  This is suitable for those who are not yet ready for Alpha or Christianity Explored.  The material can be viewed or downloaded from the Waleswide website.

Question is a series of six discussion starter videos which encourage people starting a faith journey to explore the type of questions about God that are often asked.  A leaders’ guide provides all the information needed to run the sessions and includes helpful discussion questions.  The topics are:

·         Create - God’s gifts of creativity

·         Organic - God in creation

·         Trophy - Purpose beyond this life

·         Hurt - When life is painful

·         Coincidence - Prayer and spirituality

  • Messiah - God in Christ

The videos were produced in Wales by Jonathan Vaughan-Davies.  They are also available in Welsh with presentation by Cynan Llwyd.  You can see the videos and download the leaders' guide at waleswide.org/question.


Cardiff Foodbank's oldest donation goes to a good home!

Back in October last year Foodbank in Cardiff received the donatation of a tin of kidney soup that was approximately 50 years old!  

At the time they had a massive following on social media including well over 11,000 social media shares, likes and comments, along with huge local and national press interest to tell the story. All of this resulted in some international interest in purchasing the tin and we are now delighted to say that the tin has made its way back home to Crown Cork. They have kindly sent us a photo of the tin on display in their Technology Centre in Oxfordshire (below).

Foodbank want to thank Crown Cork for their kind donation to our work, helping those facing food crisis in Cardiff.

Foodbank would also like to take the opportunity to remind people that food needs to be in date for us to distribute to those in need, as it is illegal for them to distribute out of date food and you may not realise that they have to pay for food that they discard.

That said they want to say "Thank you" so much for your continued support!

Here are a few highlights form there last update 

Please join us in thanking God:

  • For an overwhelming response from the general public in terms of food donation this Christmas. Our warehouse is 'full to the rafters' and we have had to take on extra storage to cope with the amount of food donated.
  • For another overwhelming response to our social media posts asking for help when our van broke down the week before Christmas. We had so many offers of help and support and were able to do all the pick ups and drop offs that were needed to keep providing food for those who needed it most.
  • For God’s continued provision to us financially, and the benefit of the new ‘local giving’ link that is making donating funds a little easier and more accessible. https://localgiving.org/charity/cardifffoodbank/

Please pray:

  • For clients during these colder months as they try to balance heating and eating, that they would seek help and not put themselves in further crisis.
  • For us as a growing organisation, that we would have wisdom to know how to move forward with finance and staffing challenges.
  • For more churches to partner with us in 2018 so that we can continue to share food and hope with those who feel hopeless. 

Please do contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you can help with food, finance or volunteering, or if you would like her to come and chat to your church about how you can support the work of the Foodbank.
Thanks so much & God bless you.
The Foodbank Team


Homeless Sunday 2018

Homeless seems to be a ever incleasing issue in towns and cities acrss Wales. Each year Housing Justice organise Homeless Sunday. 2018's event will take place on Sunday 28th January. 

Homeless Sunday is a chance for Churches and Christian groups from across the country join together to pray, reflect and plan practical action on homelessness, but also for a united christian voice to offer solidarity and be a prophetic voice for change.

Here are the ways you can get involved; 

- Plan your own sermon, homily, bible study or event by using our theological reflectionand our fact sheets on Homelessness for EnglandWales and Scotland (you'll be asked for your email address before downloading). If you'd like prayer cards for your service, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we can get some posted out. 

Request a speaker for your Homeless Sunday service (speakers are limited and dealt with on a first come first served basis)

- Send us a written reflection on what home means to you, or send us a video or picture with a short message on the same theme. Use a file transferring system and send via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. mark the subject line as Homeless Sunday.

- Support Housing Justice through a donation 

We want this to be the biggest Homeless Sunday ever, for Christians across the United Kingdom to be aware of the growing homelessness crises in Britain, to increase the numbers active in addressing it and to send a message to policy makers that Christians are adamant that in the fifth richest economy in world, no one should be without a home that truly meets their needs.

Please remember to tell us if you plan to hold an event or make Homeless Sunday the theme for your service.

In Newport Caroline Johnson has long had an active concern for the homeless, and they commend this particular national focus to local churches to observe this year. Caroline writes “There is a growing need of homelessness and limited one-bedded accommodation in Newport, and it would be good for us as churches to pray into this situation on this date.” There is then the opportunity to come together the next evening, 29th January, at St. Paul’s church to share prayers and reflections together, to be more Aware of homelessness, Active in tackling it, and Adamant together that homelessness must end.

Caroline would be pleased to hear from any church that will pray about homelessness on the 28th and who would like more information, and also from anyone who can come on the 29th. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Tel. 07703 334075

Business and Ministry - focused service portal

After a year and a half of vast research and communication, the WEA Business Coalition is proud to present their new 'business and ministry'-focused service portal. 

In achieving our ultimate goal to function as an information & resource hub providing strategic and thought leadership for leaders of businesses, ministries and churches, we developed this portal as a free source to explore all aspects of the faith and business relationship.

The website has a number of useful links to videos for those involved in business wishing to run thier business or carry out their business with a Christian ethos.

Please join us at business.worldea.org and benefit from our large network currently consisting of:44 experts, 50 speakers, 131 ministries, 30 institutes, 28 funders, 3 councils, 53 countriesand 9 events.

As this is a free source, we kindly ask for your donations. If you would like to donate to the WEA Business Coalition please click HERE.


Christian charity honoured with top care services award

Evangelical Alliance member Safe Families for Children has won the Innovative Quality Outcomes Award at the Third Sector Care Awards. 

Safe Famillies for Children works with 28 local authorities to support vulnerable families and reduce the flow of children into the care system. 

A panel of social care experts judged the award and said: "It is a social movement that is innovative, and changes not only practices but also lives." 

Keith Danby, chief executive at Safe Families for Children, said: "We are absolutely delighted to win this prestigious award! 

"It's a real tribute to the impact our volunteers have helping vulnerable families in their community. 

"Safe Families is a community-based solution to a community-based problem. 

It's bringing communities back to a culture of people helping people." 

Since 2013 Safe Families has improved the lives of more than 4,800 children living in the UK. More than 2,000 vulnerable families who are struggling to cope have been supported by the charity's volunteers. 

In a report commission by the Department for Educated and carried out by the Dartington Social Research Unit, Safe Families is referred to as: "one of the most adventurous start-ups in children's services for some time" with "the potential to support several thousand of England's neediest children; to greatly reduce the numbers of children in care, and to demonstrably forge a new relationship between public systems and civil society." 

Now in their fourth year, the Third Sector Care Awards showcase best practice from across the country. The ceremony honours innovation and care excellence from the not-for-profit care and support sector. 

Safe Families for Children will be featured in the upcoming edition of idea magazine. Become a member of the Alliance and get your copy delivered to your door. 

As an organisation member of the Evangelical Alliance, Safe Families for Children is one of 600 organisations supported by the Alliance. We facilitate members' initiatives and campaigns and offer support to increase their impact. Member organisations have an opportunity to speak to the media on behalf of our membership, as we direct media and information enquiries to member organisations best placed to deal with them. The Alliance also provides training for organisations on how to engage with the local government and media.    

If you would like your organisation to become a member of the Evangelical Alliance, you can find out more here. 

Cardiff Foodbank and Foodbank Across Wales expect a surge in demand this Christmas

AFTER new figures show foodbank use has increased across Wales, a charity has warned more people will become reliant on food parcels when Universal Credit is fully rolled out.

Trussell Trust foodbanks distributed 43,059 three day emergency food parcels across Wales between April 1 and September 30 this year, a four per cent increase on last year.

Foodbank would like to thank you for standing with them this year. There have been so many challenges and highlights throughout 2017 and God has been so faithful in it all.

Please keep praying for Cardiff Foodbank as we plan for 2018, that we will be able to continue to support those in food crisis in our city. As cuts continue and Universal Credit rolls out to families from February 2018 in Cardiff, we expect to see a potential rise of 30% in the number of those needing our help. This will impact finances, food, staffing and volunteer levels - Praise God He is our help and strength!

Meanwhile thank you again for your support and ongoing prayers and we hope you have a very lovely Christmas!
Please join us in thanking God:

  • For God's faithfulness to us in 2017
  • For incredible volunteers who have given so much time helping at the supermarket collections, in the warehouse, raising funds and in the office, along with those serving clients in our centres this year and over the Christmas period. We couldn't do it without them.
  • For the many people who are completing reverse advent calendars, donating food and finance this December.

Please pray:

  • For clients who find themselves in difficult circumstances over the Christmas period that they will access the help they need.
  • For more churches to partner with us in 2018 so that we can continue to share food and hope with those who feel hopeless.
  • For us as we try to mitigate the effect of the Universal Credit roll out.

Please do contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you can help with food, finance or volunteering, or if you would like her to come and chat to your church about how you can support the work of the Foodbank.

Thanks so much & God bless you.
The Foodbank Team

"Achieving Your Dreams" a new book

Nick Pengelly, leader of The Community Church Wrexham, and director of several Christian Charities and Brian Jackson, Director of Expedition Wise Ltd, a Charity Challenge & Expedition company based in Brymbo have written ‘Achieving Your Dreams - Climbing Your ‘Unclimbed Mountains’, a practical guide on how to fulfil your dreams

Available form Amazon

An inspiring and practical guide for people wishing to achieve their dreams. Whether you wish to lose weight, start a business or run a marathon, this book will help you achieve your dreams. Brain and Nick have drawn on their passion and experience to co-write a book that inspires readers to achieve their dreams. The book features inspiring stories and practical inforamtion to help the reader take the first step and continue the path to achieving their dreams and reaching their full potential. It canbe aligned to any dream that someone may have - whether it be to lose weight, change career or learn a different language. They were inpired to write the book having both achieved their own dreams with Brain wanting to summit an unclimbed mountain since he was 8yrs old, a dream he finally achieved in 2013, successfully summiting a previously unclimbed peak called 'Chhubohe' in the Himalayas. He has since gone on to lead others on expeditions to climb other unclimbed mountains in Nepal. Brian says 'I have a real passion for the personal development of others and helping them to achieve their dreams has always been an integral part of everything I do. I have always wanted to create a practical guide that will inspire others to take those first steps to achieving their own dreams, whether it be climbing mountiains, getting fit or starting a new venture.' Nick also achieved his dream to help othere, set up his own business and now encourages others to find out what they are made for and to live life to the full. Nick says "My hope is through the book more people will step beyond the day to day routines of life and re-engage or find for the first-time dreams and adventures that will make their lives richer and more fulfilling"


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