Christian Students Across Wales welcome new students to university

Christian Students Across Wales welcome new students to university

Many of us have been there! Our first day at university or dropping you kids of to university for the first time and saying good bye. Praying they will survive the term and not do anything too stupid in the process! 

The change of lifestyle can be a massive challenge to many students but it all a time when many students start to explore - some for the first time - the big spiritual questions,

Organisations like UCCF, Fusion, and other university based Christian organisaiton alongside 100's of churches gear up to welcome, encourage and support students from the UK and across the world as the come to universities and collages across Wales.

Here is a link to the UCCF page with informaition about Chirstian Unions Across Wales Universities.

If you are Chrisitan what can you do?
Whether you are a student or not there a few things you can do.

  1. Pray for the Students across Wales as they start a new year or a new course
  2. Welcome those that come to your churches and take an interest in what they are studying and doing 
  3. Look out for those who might be feeling lonely or homesick and encourage them 
  4. Pray for the Christian student groups and churches with students that they would see many students coming to faith during this first term.
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